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PITC Literature PDF

PITC Literature PDF

PITC Plug-in Temperature Conditioners

Bemco PITC, Left Side View

The PITC, with a temperature range of -70 C to +177 C, was first introduced in the late 1950’s by Bemco’s Conrad/Missimer Division. Today, the modernized version of this system is the ideal solution where short run or infrequent tests are required, test specimens are unusual in size or shape, initial capital costs must be held low, or test needs are frequently changed.

The answer is a Bemco PITC-70/177C Plug-in Temperature Conditioner and your insulated box. You can easily make one, we will guide you, or we can create an optimized enclosure for you. With a PITC there is no need to “bread-board” your own conditioning and control systems. You don’t need insulated ducts, and your insulated box can be made of expendable materials. All you have to do is mount the PITC in a hole in the side of your suitably insulated cabinet, bolt the PITC in place, attach 115 VAC - 1 Phase - 60 Hertz power, hook up a nitrogen bottle, turn on the system, and set the temperature control. PITC’s come completely wired, piped, and ready to run.

Bemco PITC, Left Side View

PITC’s Include welded, 300 Series stainless steel interior construction and a carbon steel outer case painted Bemco Blue. PITC’s are insulated with high temperature fiberglass. No asbestos is used in construction.

Air recirculation rate is 300 cfm, heating is with 2,000 watts of open type electric heaters, and cooling is by direct injection of liquid nitrogen controlled by a proportionally actuated solenoid valve.

Overall dimensions are 19 inches deep, 12 inches wide, and 15-1/2 inches high. Weight is 65 pounds. The PITC requires a 10-3/8 wide x 13-7/8 inch cutout for mounting. Insulated wall thickness should not exceed 4 inches. PITC'S are available in "Right Hand" and "Left Hand" versions. A "Left Hand" version is shown in the photo's above. Please specify your preference. The "Hand" direction on a PITC is as viewed from the back. When viewed from this direction, the controls are on the left on a "Left Hand" model.

Temperature in the PITC discharge air is sensed by a precision thermocouple. An EIA-485 Modbus interface is standard.

Available Literature Includes:
PITC Literature PDF

Bemco PTS and HPG Series, Portable Temperature Servo Conditioners and High Pressure Gas Servo Conditioners as well as the PITC, Plug-in Temperature Conditioner. PTS Servos provide a closed loop flow of controlled temperature air or gas and HPG High Pressure Gas Servos provide a flow of temperature controlled high pressure gas. HPG gas conditioners are commonly used with Space Simulator thermal shrouds. Maximum standard temperature range is -185 C to +150 C. Higher temperatures are available on request. Sixteen standard PTS and twelve standard HPG models are available. Gas distribution panels are also discussed. Document is 8 pages, 676 KB download.

The systems described above are our Standard Models. We make custom equipment to your specifications.  If you have any questions, need assistance in preparing a specification, or have a technical problem you want help with, we are ready.  Our quotations and advice are free.

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