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KDZ Individual Bay  Burn-in and Stress Screening Chambers Literature Link

KDZ Individual Bay Burn-in and Stress Screening Chambers Literature Link

Wide Range Individual Bay Chambers

KDZ1 Individual Bay Stress Screening Chamber

The Bemco KDZ is similar to the Bemco Kardburn KDR except it has a wider temperature range, a built-in product support system, a latched glass door with a compression gasket, and every bay has it own independent conditioning system, refrigeration package, heaters, and controls.

Each bay can be individually loaded without affecting its neighbor. When more than one bay is specified, a 6 inch wide ring separator is furnished with internal vent fans. This separator ring isolates each bay preventing thermal cross-talk.

Each bay is furnished with a built-in, universal 1-1/2 inch T Slot, anodized aluminum, forward and back strut frame to allow easy installation of complex product support structures, shelves, or relay rack rails. When rack rails are installed, the struts are aligned so that standard 19 inch panels fit conveniently. Clearance between the side rails is 20-7/8”. Shelves, when specified, are 20 inches wide by 36 inches deep. Support rails are set back 5-3/4” from the chamber face and the front and back rails are 24-1/2” apart.

Often specified with optional power supplies or product exercising electronics. KDZ chambers are more compact than KDR chambers. They are designed to be moved singly by bay while passing through narrow doors or aisles and then assembled on site as a group.

Example or Card Cage Fixtures

The refrigeration, electrical, and control apparatus are neatly packaged in a sheet metal enclosure accessed from the rear of each bay. The chamber exterior structure is fabricated from angle reinforced carbon steel painted Bemco Blue. The outside skin can also be optionally finished in 300 Series stainless steel so that the KDZ can be mounted through the wall of a clean room.

Each bay has its own access door fitted with a conductively heated multi-pane glass window to allow a clear view of the interior.

A channel base is furnished to rigidly support the chamber and allow convenient repositioning when desired.

KDZ chambers include a heliarc welded 304 Series stainless steel inner liner with high temperature fiberglass insulation. No asbestos is used. Duct-work is also fabricated from 300 Series stainless steel. Interior upper and lower air baffles are made from black anodized aluminum.

24" x1
24" x2 38” 82.2” 78" 63.7”
24" x3 38” 82.2” 120" 63.7”
24" x4 38” 82.2” 162" 63.7”

Number of Workspace Bays
Interior Height
Interior Width
Interior Depth
Exterior Height
Exterior Width
Exterior Depth

KDZ Table Notes:

KDZ1 Illustration Showing Internal Mounting Rails

Each bay includes a high volume, non-sparking, aluminum blower drawing air through a large, bottom of bay mounted, cooling coil and an electric air heating system. The blower discharges into a rear mounted duct that flows air up the back wall to a ceiling mounted diffuser.

The high volume air circulation system assures temperature uniformity over the items being tested and helps eliminate hot spots. An oversize shaft, dual ball bearing race, TEFC motor mounted outside the workspace on the chamber back wall drives the blower.

A proportionally controlled, remote water cooled refrigeration system utilizing modern, environmentally friendly refrigerants cools the workspace. This system is furnished as a packaged unit for remote mounting by your refrigeration contractor. Air cooled refrigeration systems and integrally mounted and enclosed refrigeration systems are also optionally available.

Fast response, low watt density, open type heaters located behind a radiation baffle raise chamber temperature as required. The heaters are protected by a factory preset high temperature safety thermostat interlocked with a separate power interrupting contactor.

Safety Systems and Electrical Wiring

All systems have thermal and current sensors on the compressor, charging valves, and a sight glass as well as numerous safety and reliability protection systems for dependable operation. All electrical wiring meets the United States National Electric Code. UL and CSA approved components are used where possible.


The KDZ Chamber includes a microprocessor based, programmable 1/4-DIN, solid state 256-step ramping controller, a 4-line LCD interface display, and a large red LED display. An RS232 and RS485 interface is standard. The protocol is Modbus™. LabVIEW™ drivers are available.

A 19” relay rack console, 24” wide by 30” deep, is standard with every system. Up to eight bays can be controlled from a single console.

A Factory Mutual approved high and low temperature safety control with audible and visual alarm is optionally available.


Standard KDZ chambers include a 1,500 cfm air circulation system in each bay. They heat from 0 C to 65 C in approximately 60 minutes when loaded with a test load equivalent to 115 pounds of aluminum per bay plus 3 shelves. They cool from 65 C to 0 C in approximately 30 minutes with 115 pounds of aluminum per bay plus 3 shelves, while the load dissipates 500 watts per bay while cooling.

A standard higher performance conditioning system (add -HC to the model number requested) has the same performance on cooling and heating as the base system with a load of 230 pounds of aluminum per bay plus 3 shelves, while the load dissipates 1000 watts per bay while cooling.

Custom conditioning systems with much faster heating and cooling rates and higher live load capabilities are available.

Temperature Control is + or - 1 C guaranteed, + or - 0.25 C typical.

Optional Accessories

Optional Instruments

Available instrument options include:

Available Literature Includes:

KDZ Individual Bay  Burn-in and Stress Screening Chambers Literature Link Bemco KD Series, Kardburn and Koldburn Glass Door Burn-in, Stress Screening, and Medical Storage Chambers. Six standard common bay KDR Glass Door Chambers, four standard KDZ individual bay Glass Door Chambers, one and two bay cart loaded chambers, and one to six bay KDM Medical Storage Chambers. Document is 8 pages, 668 KB download.

The systems described above are our Standard Models. We make custom equipment to your specifications.  If you have any questions, need assistance in preparing a specification, or have a technical problem you want help with, we are ready.  Our quotations and advice are free.

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