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The Famous FB1.5!

Copied in some aspect by almost all manufacturers of environmental test equipment, the Bemco FB1.5 V is still the compact chamber by which all others are measured. With its time proven reliability, many unique features, and space saving design it is still surprisingly affordable.

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Standard Bemco FB1.5V Series chambers are available on the "B-QUICK" ship plan. Many are available in stock, while others are prepared from Bemco's ready case stock for shipment in about 4 weeks.

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FB1.5V Series Wide Range Compact Temperature Chamber

Compact Wide Range

Reduce the floor space needed for reliable temperature testing with a Bemco FB1.5V high and low temperature chamber. Easily maneuverable, this chamber provides an industry leading 2712 cubic inches of workspace. A long list of available options allows you to modify the chamber for almost any use.

FB1.5V Temperature Chamber, FrontFB1.5V Temperature Chamber, Back

The Bemco FB1.5V Series of compact, free-standing, mechanically cooled temperature chambers are offered in Wide Range, F Series (-73 C to 177 C or -100 F to +350 F) and Narrow Range (-35 C to + 177 C or -31 F to + 350 F).

These chambers feature innovative Bemco conditioning systems designed to provide a precisely repeatable environment for testing in accordance with Military Standards (MIL-STD's), production testing, and laboratory testing.


Interior Height
Interior Width
Interior Depth
Exterior Height
Exterior Width
Exterior Depth
Shipping Weight, lb

Air cooled condensing and casters are standard.


Conditioned chamber air is recirculated by a high volume, non sparking aluminum axial fan discharging through a removable rear mounted guard and diffuser baffle to create a uniform environment around your test objects.

The fan is driven by a close coupled externally mounted motor with dual ball bearing races, connected by a stainless steel shaft. Fast-response open type heaters, located behind a radiation baffle, raise chamber temperature as required.

Cooling, Wide Range

A proportionally controlled cascade, two compressor, refrigeration system utilizing modern environmentally friendly refrigerants cools the workspace. The system includes automatic hot gas bypass and suction cooling unloading as well as Bemco’s exclusive, high performance coaxial cascade heat exchanger.

Cooling, Narrow Range

A proportionally controlled single compressor refrigeration system utilizing a modern environmentally friendly refrigerant cools the workspace. The system includes automatic hot gas bypass and suction cooling unloading.

Safety Systems and Electrical Wiring

All systems have thermal and current sensors on the compressor, charging valves, as well as numerous safety and reliability protection systems for dependable operation. All electrical wiring meets the United States National Electric Code. UL and CSA approved components are used where possible.

Power requirement is 115 VAC - 1 Phase – 60 Hertz, 25 FLA. Refrigeration is air cooled. 50 Hertz is available as an option.


FB1.5V Series chambers include a 304 Series stainless steel welded inner liner with high temperature fiberglass insulation. No asbestos is used in chamber construction.

Outer cases are fabricated from cold rolled steel finished in Bemco Blue. Chamber doors feature dual gaskets to greatly reduce thermal losses near the door face. An over-center, black anodized aluminum cam type latch seals the door which closes flush on the front face of the chamber for a smooth appearance.


Each Bemco FB1.5V chamber is furnished with a microprocessor based programmable 1/4-DIN, solid state, 10 step ramping controller that utilizes an adaptive control algorithm to precisely control chamber temperature.

The control features dual 4 digit displays. An advanced control algorithm improves sensor accuracy by more than 50%. Temperature inside the FB1.5V chamber is sensed by a precision thermocouple. An EIA-485 Modbus interface is standard.

Thermal Performance

Cooling rate from 23 C (+73 F) to -73 C (-100 F) is approximately 45 minutes and heating rate from 23 C (+73 F) to +177 C (350 F) is approximately 35 minutes, both with the chamber empty.

+ or - 1 C (+ or - 1.8 F) guaranteed control, + or - 0.15 C (+ or - 0.25 F) typical.

Optional Equipment

Optional Instruments

Controls are mounted on a recessed aluminum panel to prevent dripping from damaging the instruments. Available instrument accessories:

Available Literature Includes:

FB1.5V Compact Temperature Chamber Bulletin Bemco FB1.5V Series, Compact Wide Range Chambers. Document is triple fold front and back, 2 pages, 330 KB download.

Temperature Conversion Table Bemco Temperature Conversion Table. Temperature conversion chart for -273.15 C (absolute 0) to +548.89 C (1020 F) in 10 degree increments. Document is 1 page, 336 KB download.

The systems described above are our Standard Models. We make custom equipment to your specifications.  If you have any questions, need assistance in preparing a specification, or have a technical problem you want help with, we are ready.  Our quotations and advice are free.

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