Environmental Chambers and Space Simulation Systems

Bemco Refurbished or Used Equipment

A partial list of systems currently available includes:

Bemco FB1.5V Temperature Chamber
Compact, Wide Range, Temperature Chamber, Mechanically Cooled. Range -73 to 177 C , 3 Units Available. Units have older Honeywell DialaPak Controls.
Bemco F27 Temperature Chamber


27 Cubic Foot Workspace Volume, Wide Range, Temperature Chamber. Mechanically Cooled, 1 Unit Available
Bemco FW30 Temperature / Humidity Chamber FW30 30 Cubic Foot, Glass Door, Temperature/Humidity Chamber, Direct RH Sensor and Dry Air Injection, 3 Units Available
Bemco AFW125 Temperature / Humidity / Altitude Chamber AFW125 125 Cubic Foot Workspace Volume, Wide Range, Temperature/Humidity/Altitude Chamber, -73 to 177 C. Mechanically Cooled, 1 Unit Available

Request a QuotationThese chambers undergo a complete inspection, operational tune up, and cleaning prior to shipment. Some units are available "As Is" while others carry the complete standard Bemco Warranty for New Equipment. Please ask us about the equipment you are interested in. All available equipment is not shown here.

In addition to complete systems, we also have some used equipment including:

EMI TCR Three Phase Power Supplies Electronic Measurements Inc. TCR Series Three-Phase DC Power Supplies. Three units each of three sizes. TCR7.5T300, 0 to 7.5 VDC, 0 to 300 Amps, 2.5 KW, TCR6T600, 0 to 6 VDC, 0 to 600 Amps, 5 KW and TCR6T900, 0 to 6 VDC, 0 to 900 Amps, 10 KW. Available singly or as a lot.
Coolanol 25R Drum Coolanol 25R Organosilicate Ester per MIL-C-47220B Type IV. Nominally 37.5 pounds (17.05 kg) net weight of fluid per drum. Greater than 50 gallons of fluid in stock.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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